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a/n its been a long time since i've written, forgive me

yixing pushes himself away from the bright screen to give his tired eyes a much needed break.

it's been nearly eight hours of playing the same tune over and over again to the point where he nearly bashes his head against the wall. he's nowhere close to finished on the new song he's composing for luhan's new single and he has a deadline of two days to get it finished.

he removes his eyeglasses from his face because the frames were digging into the side of his face and he can feel the start of a headache coming. he presses the heel of his hands against his aching eyeballs as he lets out a groan of relief from the much needed pressure.

he's just about ready to fall asleep upright on his computer chair when the enticing scent of chammomille and honey wafts through his nose. senses on high alert, he removes his hands from his face only to see his boyfriend standing beside his computer desk in nothing but his worn out sweatpants, wrinkled grey tanktop, and hair sticking out in every direction. yifan is holding his favorite mug, a white one covered with flowers and animals drawn with black sharpie by his boyfriend, filled to the brim with his favorite tea.

"here you go, hot tea. you look like you need it more than I do right now."

yifan says gently as he holds out the cup for yixing to take. seeing yifan up means that it's six in the morning, the usual time yifan gets up to get ready for work. and taking a quick glance at the clock makes yixing whines as yifan grins at him knowingly while waving the mug around in careful circles in front of yixing's face, the enticing warmth of the steam and the scent from the cup entering his nose and making his mouth water.yixing accepts the mug gratefully and just as he takes puts his lips onto the rim to take a sip,

"hot tea, because you're a hottie."

he splutters around the rim of the cup at yifan's unexpected cheesy words, which is clearly not a smart move as the hot tea enters his mouth and burns his tongue and lip. yifan pulls the mug out of his hands so fast that he doesn't even register the movment while yifan's large hands starts thumping on his back frantically while chanting fuck, fuck, fuck i'm sorry as yixing tries his best to soothe his burning tongue and throat by sticking his tongue out and fanning it with his hands.

there are tears pooling in his eyes from the hot liquid scorching his whole mouth, but he blinks back the unnecessary tears as he tries not to let them overflow, lest yifan has a panic attack and then they'd both be trying to calm one another down and the cycle won't ever end. he shuts yifan's apologies up by shoving his tongue down yifan's throat just to shut him up.

"there, all better."

yifan pulls himself away slowly as yixing places a gentle kiss to his lips once more before pushing him towards the door and waving him off. oddly enough yifan's stupid but cute line has given him a stroke of inspiration and he kicks his boyfriend out so that yifan can get ready for work and that he can finish the song that he has only a couple more hours to finish.

he brings the now warm drink to his lips, a smile blooming on his face as he slowly savors the richness of the tea brewed just the way he likes it as he sits down in front of his computer with a new idea in his head. he can hear yifan's footsteps outside his door as he gets ready for work and  yixing will have to thank yifan again for helping him get the energy and inspiration to finish this song.

(yifan doesn't know it, but most of yixing's songs that he's written have been inspired by him.)

Tags: length: short/drabble, pairing: kris/yixing, rating: g
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