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Sweet Like Cotton Candy | Picture Prompt #1 {Oneshot}

Title: Sweet Like Cotton Candy
Pairing: XiuHan {Minseok/Luhan}
Rating: PG-13
Length: 1238wc
Genre: fluff, romance
Summary: Luhan is going to die up here, he just knows it.


"Tell me when it's over."

Luhan's voice is shaky as he grips the bar tightly, the metal becoming slippery beneath his heavily sweating palms.

He peeps out the window and nearly has a heart attack when he realizes how far he is above the ground. He's going to die on this ride, he's sure of it.

The Ferris wheel is painted white with covered colorful cars that takes its passengers round and round on a romantic ride to view the whole park from. The car is able to fit at least four people, two on each side and there are windows looking out so that you can enjoy the breath taking view from all 360
° angles. From high up you can see the beautiful garden, crowds of people walking around or standing in line for a ride and water shows going on as well as the colorful park characters walking around with toys or balloons in their hands.

The only thing wrong with the Ferris wheel is that Luhan is deathly afraid of heights.

He's holding on to his breath and the bars in front of him for dear life and oh my god he's going to die as the ride continues to go higher and higher.

This is a bad idea. He shouldn't have done this. What the hell was he thinking?

"Luhan, are you okay?"

Minseok's voice is laced with concern as he turns from the window to look at Luhan who's cowered in the corner with his head bent down. When Luhan lifts his head to look at his boyfriend he vehemently shakes his head when Minseok, who had taken the seat across from Luhan, makes a move to come towards him.

"Minseok don't move, stay there." Minseok's brows raise a little as he tries to take a step closer to his boyfriend only to get shoved back with a firm hand to his chest.

"NO! L-let's just stay on opposite sides so the weight is b-balanced." Luhan stutters as he cowers back into the corner, making sure to keep his eyes glued on his feet and his fingers locked tight on the bars so he wouldn't have to look out the glass.

When he chances looking up at Minseok again, his boyfriend is staring at him with concern etched all over his face and something in Luhan aches. He feels so bad that his boyfriend has to deal with this when he had shot down all of Minseok's warnings about this exact problem.

Minseok takes a step closer to him and Luhan can feel the ride move, or so he thinks, and the panic shoots up in his throat as he shakily puts his hands up to push his boyfriend away again.

"Don't come over to this side Minseok, oh my god, you'll make the weight unbalanced and then we'll fall to our bloody death."

Luhan's voice comes out high pitched and he knows he sounds like a scared kid, but he's too busy trying to survive this hell of a ride and not bursting out in tears to stop himself from caring. Minseok seems oblivious to his frantic attempts and merely brushes his arms away, in which Luhan retaliates and tries to stick his scrawny foot up to threaten his boyfriend,  only to be knocked away by Minseok's thicker thighs as Minseok takes a seat next to him.

Minseok unfurls Luhan's fingers, bright red from clenching too tight on the pole as he entwines their fingers together instead. Minseok caresses Luhan's smaller hand lightly as he wraps an arm around Luhan's shoulder to pull him closer towards him. Luhan naturally rests his head onto Minseok's chest and wraps his arms around Minseok so that he can forget all about this horrible experience.

"I don't want to die yet. I haven't even gotten to kiss you yet!"

Luhan's voice is muffled and Minseok chuckles at how cute his "I'm a manly man I can handle this" boyfriend is being as he pulls Luhan closer with a hard tug so that he's almost in his lap. He softly strokes the top of Luhan's hand with his thumb, rubbing soft comforting circles on them with familiarity that he knows Luhan likes as he brushes his lips against Luhan's ear as his voice drops low into a seductive whisper.

"Will that make you feel better?"

With no further warning Minseok tilts Luhan's chin up and presses a hard, hot kiss to Luhan's mouth. Luhan gasps in surprise as Minseok wastes no time in taking Luhan's bottom lip between his own as he sucks on it, hard. Luhan gasps and brings his arms up to wrap tightly around Minseok's neck as he takes in the comforting smell of Minseok's cologne, one that Luhan had personally picked out for him, and the feeling of having Minseok's lips against his own.

Minseok tastes like the peppermint mocha and cotton candy that they'd had earlier and Luhan can't tell if Minseok tastes sweet because of that or if Minseok has always tasted so sweet. Either way the taste is addictive as Luhan finds himself craving more, more, more as Minseok shifts and tugs Luhan closer.

He pulls away enough to catch his breath and Luhan’s eyes is stuck staring at the way Minseok's lips look in the setting sun's light. Bitten red and shiny as Minseok is literally glowing in the sunset and Luhan is in utter bliss and his chest is full of love at the thought that this ethereal human being is actually his. His to touch, hold, and kiss just the way they are right now.

Minseok smirks as if he knows just exactly what Luhan is thinking as Luhan nudges him, panting softly and waiting for more as his lover lowers himself down to press another searing kiss to Luhan’s waiting lips. Just as Luhan is about to kiss him back Minseok pulls away with a teasing smile on his lips as he nudges his chin towards the window.

"Look the ride stopped and we're at the top, didn't you want to see the view?"

Who cares about the view when I have you?

Runs through Luhan’s head but the reminder of where they currently are makes Luhan pause on his hunt for Minseok's lips to turn to look out the window. Luhan had been so caught up in the kiss that he had forgotten where or what they were doing, he blushes a little when he realizes that the other people in the other cars could see them if they were to look. Swallowing down his embarrassment and fear Luhan chances taking a look outside and is amazed to see that yes, the view is absolutely amazing up here.

The setting sun casts an ethereal orange-pink hue glow atop everything on the ground below them. The amusement park looks like it's been swallowed up by a cotton candy maker's machine as white hues turn into soft orange and pinks. The view is gorgeous and he turns around to tell Minseok just that, only to be faced with a face full of a smiling Minseok.

"Did you see the view outside? It really is indescribable."

Minseok finds Luhan's hand and laces them together as he leans forward to press a gentle kiss to Luhan's lips.

"I think the view in here is just as amazing. For an Angel, you shouldn't be scared of heights baby."

His boyfriend says teasingly as Luhan's face burns with embarrassment as he starts cursing Minseok every swear word that he knows in Korean and Chinese.

(Minseok shuts Luhan up with deep kisses and tickles as the ride begins to make its descent back to the ground again.)
Picture Credit: Ferris Wheel
a/n: I tried to make this cute. I hope it worked.
Tags: genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: one-shot, pairing: minseok/luhan, rating: pg-13
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