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Stand Under My Umbrella | {2/2}

Title: Stand Under My Umbrella {2/2}
Pairing: ChanLay
Rating: pg-13
Length: 820wc
Genre: romance, fluff
Summary: Chanyeol loves the rain.

❝ Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby. — Langston Hughes  ❞

Chanyeol loves the rain.

He loves the feeling of the icy water falling onto his face, making him feel refreshed from a tiring day of listening to his professor's drone on and on about who knows what. He should be paying attention to his professor's though because unlike high school he's actually paying to hear these professors talk. Chanyeol has always had a short attention span so the rain outside has proven to be more exciting than hearing Mr. Kim talk about
melody, rhythm, and harmony even if this is Chanyeol's favorite class.

Chanyeol loves the way the rain sounds falling against the glass panes of the music room's window. The rain provides a soothing background noise as he strums a tune on the guitar that his father had bought for him.

Chanyeol loves the rain even when his boyfriend "hates" it.

Three years of dating Yixing means that Chanyeol knows everything there is to know about his boyfriend. That means he knows how Yixing hates cold weather and the rain because it's hard for him to find warmth no matter how many layers of clothing he has on.

Being the loving boyfriend that Chanyeol is, he'd find Yixing's cold fingers and envelop them with his own, enclosing Yixing's icicle fingers in a warm heat. On days he isn't with his boyfriend to make him warm, he'd be sure that Yixing brought along some hot packs with him throughout the day so that he wouldn't freeze to death in his classes or on the way home.

It might seem a bit much but if you have a boyfriend who can sense rain coming by the amount of times he sneezes in a day, then you would know to always have Benadryl, hot packs, and tissue packed and ready to go.

On days that Yixing forgets to take his umbrella with him -nearly every day because Yixing is always forgetful in the mornings and Chanyeol really should start reminding him - he'd show up after Yixing's classes with his trusty bright yellow Rilakkuma umbrella to pick him up so they could go home together.

Days in which Yixing comes home cursing the already gray skies to seven hells, Chanyeol has hot chocolate and the heater cranked to eighty degrees ready for him. Yixing will always grin that beautiful dimpled smile Chanyeol loves so much and will mutter thank you you're the best Yeol into his ear on tippy toes because Chanyeol is a giant and Yixing only comes up to below his jaw. Yixing would bring the warm drink to his lips and Chanyeol gets warm kisses that taste like chocolate and marshmallows as a reward.

Chanyeol loves the days in which classes get cancelled by the heavy rains because that means more time spent on the couch with Yixing laying atop of him as they spend hours cuddling and soaking up each other's warmth watching action movies on Netflix. They were both busy with school so it is hard to find some time to cuddle sometimes so days that the sky is crying are the days that Chanyeol has come to love because it means he'd get to spend time with his charming boyfriend.

On nights that Yixing is restless and can't sleep tossing and turning in bed because of the rainstorm outside, Chanyeol pulls him closer into his side and wraps his longer arms around his boyfriend as he whispers sweet love songs and poems into Yixing's ears to make him drone out the storm outside.

Chanyeol will try to make Yixing forget the storm outside by coaxing those sweet moans and gasps from Yixing's plump red lips, bruised and bitten from the kisses that Chanyeol had placed there, as he explored his lovers' body with his hands. Chanyeol left no skin untouched or unmarked as his fingers would press deep into Yixing's plush thighs and his mouth would find its place between the junction where Yixing's neck met his shoulder.

Chanyeol tries to drown out the raging storm outside for his boyfriend by creating a storm of their own in the bedroom just by using their hands, mouths, and tongue. Chanyeol is a determined man and once he starts, he doesn't stop until Yixing is a begging, moaning mess that nearly forgets his name (and the storm outside) as he pleads with Chanyeol to please touch me.

Chanyeol knows that Yixing will always try to hide and cover himself away from the world
when the rain falls. Chanyeol makes a promise to himself to always be there to coax his lover out of his shell with endless warm hugs, kisses, hot chocolate and his trusty yellow Rilakkuma umbrella to shield them from the cold rain as they walk together side by side.

A/N: So I kind of just put this together because I  had really immense ChanLay feels and it's raining hard as hell in California so voila~ this is created. I hope you liked it. :)
If you see any mistakes in grammar or spelling please point it out for me! My writing is rusty (cries) and I'd like to improve!  Thank you for your time!
Tags: genre: romance, length: two-shot, pairing: chanyeol/yixing, rating: pg-13
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