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Stand Under My Umbrella • {1/2}

Title: Stand Under My Umbrella {1/2}
Pairing: ChanLay
Rating: pg-13
Length: 753wc
Genre: romance, fluff
Summary: Yixing hates the rain.

Yixing hates the rain.

He hates the smell that comes with the rain right as it is about to fall; dirt, grass, and asphalt mixing togethe and lingering in his nostrils. He hates the feeling of the cold rain falling onto his face as he dashes to and fro on campus trying to stay dry because his professors are masochists who like to leave the damn air conditioning on. He hates despite how many layers of clothing he has on, the rain would find its way beneath them, leaving him cold, wet, and annoyed for the rest of the day.

He hates waiting for the rain to let up after school when he's in a rush to get home but nope, he'd forgotten his umbrella despite the yellow post it with big dark letters DO NOT FORGET!!! laying atop of it. So he'd have to make a decision of getting his clothes wet and running to the train station, or waiting for the rain to let up and hope that he catches the last train to his stop.

Yixing especially hates the rain because of the thunderstorm that immediately follows right after. His ears are sensitive and it's hard to study or much less fall asleep with the annoying sounds of the rain hitting the window pane and the booming of thunder shaking the apartment.

The only good thing Yixing loves about the rain is the warmth that only comes in the form of his boyfriend, Chanyeol.

Chanyeol has a special name toYixing's adversion to the cold gloomy weather called the "rain allergy." Chanyeol came up with the name because several days before it rains Yixing always ends up having fits of sneezes caught on by the change in the air.

Days that Yixing's allergy acts up are the days Chanyeol stands in front of Yixing's class with his bright yellow Rilakkuma umbrella to pick him up so they could catch the train home together.  Yixing loves the way Chanyeol pulls him into his side while he slips their entwined fingers into the front of his coat pocket as they wait patiently for the rain to subside.

Chanyeol is as mischievous as they come so when Yixing is least expecting it, he'd pull Yixing by the hand and into the pouring rain as they make a mad dash across campus with Yixing's cries of protest falling against deaf ears as Chanyeol's loud laughter rings throughout the empty pathways.

when they're huddled together on the jam packed train Yixing complains about the cold and his ruined shoes but Chanyeol shuts him up by sneaking a kiss to his lips. Heat flooding through his stomach to his face as Chanyeol grins bright and wide as he links their pinkies together as they wait for their stop.

Yixing loves the days when classes get cancelled from the heavy rains flooding the streets because that means more time spent indoors in the warmth of their shared apartment. They would bring out their blankets and pillows and create a spot in the already cluttered living room to either cuddle in the sheets or try to come up with a song with their guitars that would leave them occupied for hours on end.

And at night when the storm raging on outside is at its loudest, the sounds are blocked out by the soft sounds of the song they came up with blaring through iPhone speakers as Chanyeol lay atop of him while his skillful tongue works wonders in Yixing's mouth and his large hands weaving familiar routes down his torso and towards the most sensitive parts of his body. He forgets all about the storm outside and focuses on the storm of emotions pulsing in his veins with each kiss and stroke Chanyeol's fingers or lips would make across his heated skin.

With Chanyeol, Yixing forgets his hatred of the rain with the way Chanyeol is warm and inviting like his own personal sun.

Like the sun, Yixing can count on Chanyeol always being there to warm him up and love him through rain or shine. Even if the rain and gray clouds block the sun from his view, Yixing knows that nothing can block the warm and bright presence behind those gray skies.

With Chanyeol is where Yixing finds comfort from the rain and Yixing might learn to love the rain if it means having Chanyeol beside him in their apartment or as they share that bright yellow Rilakkuma umbrella that shields them from the rain.

Tags: genre: romance, length: two-shot, pairing: chanyeol/yixing, rating: pg-13
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