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Little Star | Oneshot

Title: Little Star
Pairing: FanXing
Rating: G
Length: 3,510wc
Genre: domestic!au, fluff
Summary: Daddy Yifan and Yixing getting ready for their son's arrival.
Author's Note: Blame these x x x x

Bam Bam Bam.

The sound of metal hitting against wood echoes throughout the empty room as its sole occupant wipes the sweat clinging to his eyebrow away. With the heavy weight of the hammer in his hand Yifan holds the shiny silver nail in between his pointer finger and thumb and slides it into what he hopes is slot A.

Thwack, thwack, thwack.

Yifan steps away from the figure in front of him to glance fleetingly at the manual laying on the floor next to him.


That looks nothing like the picture.

"Yixing is going to KILL me." Yifan groans to himself as he tries to make out what wooden part A and nail H2 is supposed to be.

Just why oh why did he insist on building the crib himself again?

Earlier that week Yixing had brought up wanting to get the baby room ready for their son as time for his arrival is getting closer and closer. Yixing had already enlisted Luhan's and Jongdae's help a few weeks ago to clear out the room that used to hold all their things. They had stripped down the dreary gray walls and had repainted the walls closest to the door white and the outer wall facing with the wide window a baby blue.

Now all that was left was decorations and the inhabitant himself.

Yixing had asked him if he had suggested several premade cribs from some fancy department store Luhan had recommended but Yifan had refused adamantly, saying that they should really think about this.

This is for their son. Their precious little angel. He can't just go and buy something already premade! He would very much like to build their son's crib himself, experience the joys of decorating and building things for their baby.

That's when Yifan had gotten the bright idea to order a crib online, and he had the perfect one in mind. A moon shaped one made out of light oak that would match the theme that was going on in the nursery.

Stars, the moon, the sky.

(Yixing is his star that shines brightly just for him, so it's only right that their son be the moon they see no matter what time of day or where he will be. And Yifan is their sky that is always there for them day and night. That's the story behind the theme.)

So here he was alone in the nursery attempting to piece together the crib. Various bits of screws and nails were littered on the floor near his feet and the toolbox lay open as he studied the figure on the manual closely. What is even with all these loose ends and pieces?

Easy assemble my ass.

Even with all the labels on the different pieces of wood, Yifan was having the hardest time figuring out what piece goes where and the manual wasn't helping at all. The faint throbbing in his head from the frustration made it even more unbearable.

This is for your baby boy he chants to himself over and over again as he plops down on to the floor determinedly. He glares at the piece of paper as if glaring holes into the manual would make the instructions clearer. Yifan rubs his eyes tiredly with the heel of his hands and tries once more to focus.

When all he could see were blurred and fuzzy shapes that when he realizes that he really should go put on his contacts.

"Yifan I'm coming in." Yixing calls out as he balances the tray of cookies in one hand and a cup of piping hot chamomile tea brewed just the way his husband likes it. Judging by the muffled swearing and the loud hammering coming from beneath the door Yifan was probably annoyed.

Yixing enters quietly, eyes on Yifan in the middle of the room with his back to the door, manual set atop the dresser and large hands holding up large pieces of wood as he puts together each piece one by one. Carefully nailing things in and sanding it down as to make sure that the stray nails wouldn't come poking out so that it wouldn't harm their son when he lay in it.

A sense of overwhelming pride and adoration blooms in Yixing's chest as Yixing watches his husband work diligently and in deep concentration building their son's crib all by himself. The form of the crib was coming together compared to thirty minutes ago when he had come in to check on his husband's progress.

By the looks of things Yifan was nearly done with the whole thing so Yixing sits quietly in the corner of the room with a fond look in his eyes and his husband is too entranced with his work to look up from it.

Yifan holds the last piece and drills the nails into the wooden board with a sense of satisfaction and pride at building something special just for his son. As soon as the nail is in Yifan removes his goggles and inspects every inch of the crib to make sure that every nail was in place and that he had sanded down every stray splinter.

After sitting on it (to the test the sturdiness lest he put his son on it and it collapses) Yifan deems it safe enough. He pulls up the sleeves of his shirt and dusts off his hands on to his jeans and turns around only to see his husband grinning at him from his spot in the corner on the rocking chair.

"When did you come in?" Yifan questions with a warm smile on his face as he walks towards his husband. He stops when he gets to his work area and cleans up the mess that he had made of his toolbox, because he knows that it'll get on Yixing's nerve because his husband has a slight ocd problem that he probably got from spending so much time as Minseok's roommate.

Yixing comes up behind him and hands him each tool, pointing out where to put each one in an orderly fashion so that Yifan can find it faster and sooner.

"Just now really." Yixing answers as he corrects the way Yifan had thrown the screw driver into the box haphazardly. "I didn't really know how hot you looked when you're concentrating. It's really sexy."

The way Yixing says it so casually has Yifan flaming like the hormonal teenager adult that he is.

"Yixing Wu, are you trying to seduce me? In our son's room?" Yifan chides in a playful manner as he places his large hands around Yixing's waist and pulls him up to his chest. Yifan looks down at his grinning husband and pecks his cute little nose as his hands slide to Yixing's lower back, locking his fingers together as Yixing winds his arms around Yifan's neck.

"Now don't go getting excited Mr. Wu! I'm only here to inspect your fantastic architect skills that you keep boasting about." Yixing bites him playfully on his jaw and pulls away to look at Yifan's handiwork. Yifan resists the urge to pull him back into his arms. "Don't worry, if I like what I see my kisses shall be your payment for your services this evening if you don't mind."

Yifan clutches his chest dramatically and drops to the floor on his knees. He makes a pained expression as if he had been shot through the heart with an arrow Yixing's love arrow that is and reaches out towards his husband. "Your words wound me, my beautiful husband. All that work for just kisses?"

Yixing only smirks and turns back towards the crib to really admire his husband's handiwork. Even though all that Yifan had to do was put the crib together following the manual, Yixing could see that Yifan had made some adjustments of his own. Despite his husband being a complete and total clumsy giant, his clumsy giant had actually taken an architect course for half a semester in college Yixing was glad to see that his husband was putting his skills to good use.

"So what do you think?" Yifan's voice is right next to his ear. All deep and husky. Yifan's long arms find themselves around his waist again as Yixing turns around and places one, two, three kisses on Yifan's jaw, nose, and finally his lips.

"I think it's perfect. I can't wait to see Shixun in it." Yixing is all smiles as his husband brings him in for a bone crushing hug.

"Me too baby, me too."

It has always been in their plans to one day start a family of their own.

The only thing standing in their way was the fact that they were both men, and unfortunately that meant they didn't have the right anatomy to produce any offspring, sadly.

So when Yifan had gotten the call from the adoption agency when they were on the brink of giving up. They had been approved. A little boy from Seoul needed a good home and loving parents. Yifan and Yixing were the lucky chosen ones amongst those on the waiting list.

They had arranged a meeting with the women carrying the baby through the agency to insure that the process would go smoothly. A week later and they were on their way to Seoul to meet the woman carrying their baby.

Yixing was honestly relieved when the woman wasn't judgmental. She greeted them with a kind smile as she stood, her belly the size of a watermelon. She caught Yixing's eye and laughed, a light tinkling noise as she introduced herself as Sora Ahn, a kind soul that simply could not afford to have a child in her line of work. A business woman who led such a rushed lifestyle that she knew a child wouldn't fit into. She had chosen adoption over aborting her child simply because she believed all children came into this world as a gift, not a punishment. She didn't have the heart and she knew that there were many other people out there that would love to be able to have such a precious gift.

Shixun, or Sehun in Korean, might not be of his flesh or blood but Yixing knows that one's child does not have to share the same bloodline as he to be loved and cherished.

After getting over the initial introductions they find out that she was due in early April, the twelfth of April to be exact. Their meeting ended with talks of her moving to Beijing temporarily until she gives birth. Sora had readily agreed and had handed them two thin strips of paper with a small smile on her face.

"The first pictures of your baby."

She hands the pictures to Yixing and waves goodbye as she makes her way out of the cafe.

Yixing remembers looking down at the black and white ultrasound pictures feeling a wave of happiness rush over him.

In a little over four months this will be their baby, their son. And they both couldn't wait to meet him.

Naturally, after learning of their son's due date Yixing and Yifan had returned with a mission.

Get their home ready for their little bundle of joy.

They had gone to all the famous baby stores in China for the necessary things they needed. Bibs, bottles, diapers, and clothing for their little boy.

For a whole month the couple had spent it arranging their furniture around and baby proofing everything. Yixing had had the most fun putting together their themed baby room. The furniture, all hand-picked by Yifan and himself, were all in beige, white, or dark mahogany.

Now all that's left is to wait for their son to come into the world.

April 12, 2020

Yifan and Yixing had been out in the city, about to catch a movie when the call came in.

She's going into labor right now. She wants you both to be at the hospital.

The movie they were about to see was left forgotten as Yixing squealed and led Yifan back to their car.


Yifan felt numb as Yixing bounced up and down in his seat with excitement. Seeing Shixun through his ultrasound photos or whenever he bumped into Sora thinking, that's my kid in there was unreal enough. And now he was only hours away from holding him.

The situation felt so unreal to him, so unbelievable despite his husband's waves of excitement and energy beside him. Sitting outside in the waiting room Yifan could only feel nervous.

Was he really going to be a good father?

What if he drops Shixun?

Oh god he hasn't even held a baby before. Much less a newborn! Sojin, Luhan and Minseok's precious little daughter doesn't count because she was nearly a year old when Yifan had found the nerve to hold her for the first time. The feeling of having such a fragile and tiny human being in his arms made Yifan become stiff as Yixing watched the scene unfold with adoration in his eyes.

Luhan had come in and taken Sojin away from him when the baby began to cry.

Yifan had been so clueless then. He's still clueless now. This was their son! HIS son. Someone fragile and tiny that would depend on Yifan to feed and take care of him.

Will Yifan really be able to take care of someone so tiny?

As if sensing his nervousness Yixing took one of Yifan's large hands in his tiny ones and squeezed them gently. Only then did Yifan realize that he was shaking slightly. His nerves were running haywire and he could hear his heart beating badump badump badump so fast that he felt like it was going to beat right out of his chest.

"Fanfan," Yixing's voice is soft and soothing in his ear as he runs his thumbs across Yifan's palm, "It's okay, it's okay." He squeezes his hands once again in reassurance and Yifan can feel that Yixing's hand is shaking too and that he's probably as nervous as he is. That's all it takes for him to calm himself down and wrap his husband in his arms.

They spend five minutes whispering reassurances to one another before they hear the faint crying of a baby ring throughout the air.

"He's here." Yifan whispers into his husband's ear and presses a kiss to the top of his head. Yixing holds him closer as a nurse comes towards them with a smile on her face as she beckons them to follow her to the nursery room where they get to see their son.

Shixun is this tiny little baby with dark black hair like the night sky and eyes that shine bright just like tiny little stars. He weighs seven pounds perfect and is a perfectly healthy little boy. He looks absolutely precious and stunning swaddled in his blue hospital blanket that the new parents can't take their eyes off of him.

"Yifan he's perfect." Yixing coos softly as the baby sleeps soundly in his arms. Yixing has the baby cradled in his arms and he just can't seem to look away from their precious angel. "Do you want to hold him?"

Alarmed Yifan snaps out of his daze and shakes his head back and forth.

"I- I can't... I-i don't know how."

Yixing smiles softly and pulls him down to sit beside him.

"Don't worry Yifan you won't drop him. I'll show you how."

Yifan was very, very nervous as the nurse comes over to help aide Yixing in teaching Yifan how to properly hold his son so that he supports Shixun's neck, as his body is still very fragile and developing he has to be mindful of his soft spot on his head and he must always support Shixun's head. Yixing settles the baby into Yifan's arms and Yifan goes stiff as a board.

Yifan is a hundred and fifty nine pounds, six foot one. Shixun is seven pounds and like twenty one inches. He's very scared that he might crush him.

Yifan looks down at the tiny bundle in his arms and is surprised to see the little baby staring up at him. Yifan's heart feels so full and tight with love for this little human being that he just met. He naturally cradles his son in his arms and he can feel Shixun's tiny puffs of breath against his cheek and the tiny beating of his son's heart against his palm.

He's so enthralled with his son that the clicking of Yixing's iPhone camera goes unnoticed.

"Hey little one it's nice to meet you. I'm your daddy." Yifan whispers against the top of his son's head as he places a finger in Shixun's tiny hands. Shixun's whole hand grips onto Yifan's large pointer finger and from that moment on Yifan feels as if he would give up the world for his son. He'd go the moon and stars just for his son if that was what he wanted.

Beside him Yixing and the nurse is having a hard time controlling their emotions over seeing this very handsome man with a baby in his arms.

Yixing doesn't mind that the nurse is totally checking Yifan out because he really couldn't blame her. If Yixing wasn't married to Yifan and wasn't sitting here with their son in Yifan's arms, Yixing would be a very, very, very upset person. But he was here with the two loves of his life and that was what mattered the most.

After spending a week at the hospital to ensure that Shixun's health was okay, they were finally bringing him home. Shixun's birth mother had left two days after giving birth and had only left them word of mouth of her well wishes.

The new parents were just overjoyed as they were finally getting a start on their family.

On the way home Yixing sat in the backseat with their son, strapped in comfortably in his car seat, a limited edition Louis Vuitton that was a gift from Luhan.

"Only the best for this little Wu. He's going to be so high maintenance Xingxing. Just like his dad." Luhan had glanced towards Yifan who glared at him.

"I am NOT high maintenance."

"Says the guy wearing a five hundred dollar fucking t-shirt."

Luhan says right back as Yifan throws the couch pillow in Luhan's face. He turns towards Yixing with a kicked puppy dog look and says, "Am I really?"

Yixing is saved from answering by Sojin running into Yifan's lap saying, "Don't be mean to my daddy!"

Luhan looks smug while he soaks up his daughter’s protection from the mean bully uncle kris. Minseok rolls his eyes from his place in the kitchen preparing Sojin's afternoon snack.

"I don't know who the parent is and who the child is anymore."

They arrived safely to their apartment and Shixun for the most part had slept. He wasn't a fussy baby at all. Yifan had been told from colleagues that newborns tend to cry throughout the day for no apparent reason but Shixun had stayed quiet and only cried whenever he was hungry or his diaper needed to be changed.

Yixing was glad that being around their friends had actually been good because he'd gotten firsthand experience of taking care of a baby. (Courtesy of Luhan and Minseok of course.)

Yifan unbuckles his son from the car seat and carries him in his arms.

He’s more confident at picking up his son because he'd practice using Baekhyun's and Taeyeon's one year old twins. Although they were much heavier Yifan had picked up the important points and had made sure to cradle his son's head and neck properly.

Yifan makes his way over to the nursery as Yixing follows closely behind.

"Welcome home my precious star." Yifan whispers as he cradles his son gently in the crook of his arms and head towards the big bed they'd brought into the nursery. Yifan sets his son down in the middle of the bed and climbs in with him, being very careful not to make any sudden movements as the baby had fallen asleep when Yifan was rocking him in his arms earlier.

Yixing goes to the other side and lays down across from Yifan. Shixun is in between them and Yixing watches as Yifan plays with their son's tiny fingers.

Laying here watching the two loves of his life Yixing's heart was filled with overwhelming love and happiness. His life couldn't get any better than this. He has a beautiful little boy that shines brighter than any star and a doting, caring, loving husband. What more could Yixing ask for?

Yixing fishes out his phone from his front shirt pocket and calls out to Yifan softly, "First Daddy and I pic!" he says as he presses the shutter button endlessly at the sight of his handsome husband and darling angel.

He was happy and truly lucky indeed.

Tags: genre: domestic!au, genre: fluff, length: one-shot, pairing: kris/yixing, rating: g
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