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Life as Galaxy_FanFan | Vlog Series Prolouge

Title: Life as Galaxy_FanFan | VLOG Series Prolouge
Pairing: FanXing
Length: 4,191wc
Genre: domestic!au, fluff
Summary: Kris is a famous YouTuber that is known for his lavish ootd, high end product reviews, and get ready with me videos on YouTube. After many questions and persuasions he decides to give in to his fans demands and film daily vlogs. So are you ready for life as Galaxy_FanFan?
Author's Note: 1 out of 2 series in my WIP folder.
Warning(s): Vlogs won't be in order~


Daily life as GALAXY_FANFAN VLOG #1

Yifan is a twenty six year old male that had his life set for him with a stable career doing the things that he loves. He owns and operates a high end clothing store, thanks to his parents influence, and in his spare time would film videos for his YouTube channel along with having a doting and loving husband. What more could a man ask for in life?

Yifan loves his husband very, very much and wasn't afraid to show it to the world. He’d post pictures of them on his Instagram and Twitter much to the delight of his fans. Yixing is a composer for the talent agency EXO Inc. and Yifan likes to use his spare compositions throughout his videos and in his store to further expose his husband to the world. Yixing had protested in the beginning saying that he didn’t want Yifan to feel as if he had to use them, but Yifan was as stubborn as an ox, so Yixing just relented and let him do whatever he wanted.

Yifan really likes to believe that his husband was gifted by the gods to excel in the arts, so whenever Yixing had spare time he drew or painted landscapes or abstracts pieces that Yifan had started hanging in his studio, using them pieces as background for his videos. So if you watch his videos you'd almost always see something that belonged to Yixing or had some trace of his husband in them.

Yifan is a well-known famous YouTuber under the username Galaxy_FanFan, it's a super fantastic name okay; rising to the top for his weekly product reviews, ootds, and get ready with me videos.

Yifan got his official start when he started filming videos on things he bought at the mall that was the current "in" thing and reviewing them. His fan base started on myspace and then one of his friends introduced him to YouTube and that’s when his fame started to rise.

Yifan was all about the lavish lifestyle and luxurious brand items. He started out filming his outfits, #offwhite #HBA #Supreme, while walking around town posing in alleys with cool graffiti or tucked away cafes as if the world was his runway and he was the top model. He had the height, face and aura to own whatever was draped onto his body and he used it to his advantage.

Afterwards he would then go and find similar items of his wardrobe in prices and other brands his subscribers could afford, gaining respect from teenagers to adults with his kind wisdom. He would do rap collabs and stupid challenges with other famous youtube users like real_pcy, kim94kai, and oohsehun. Or video tags with chenchen, exoxm90, and luexolu. He was all over the internet and it didn't hurt that he had the face of a male god that appealed to both men and women; he got that name from his subscribers, don't judge him.

Recently he was getting busier at the store with Seoul’s fashion week coming up and he wasn’t able to film all the time anymore like before. After filming one particular video addressing this issue his subscribers had asked him and even tweeted him asking if he could do daily vlogs or just vlogs in general. They had even linked him to another famous youtuber taeyeon_ss and baekhyun_ee whom were known to be this power couple with amazing vocals and cute daily vlogs on their daily life. Now he was following said users because he had to admit, their videos were amazing and they both were crazy talented.

And a couple hours later his feed was filled up with people demanding for a vlog of him and Yixing since they couldn’t get enough of him since he only posted new video’s every Monday and Friday. He could also say Taeyeon added fuel to the fire when she mentioned him in a screenshot and posted onto her instagram.

@galaxy_fanfan is subscribed to our channel! Hopefully we’d get to see your vlogs too. Thnx for the subscribe xo

> P.S: He later finds out that Baekhyun is actually Yixing’s coworker.

> P.P.S: He ends up filming a rap and vocal duet with Baekhyun that gains him tons more admirers.

Yifan stayed up late last night watching everyone else’s vlogs so after much consideration and late night studying, Yifan stands against the white backdrop as patiently as he can as Zitao fiddles with the DSLRs settings trying to get "the right angle." Of course his cousin didn’t work for free so after promises of featuring in another one of his videos, his cousin (another famous YouTuber under the name hzztao) finally relented and decided to help him out with filming. This was his first vlog and he just wanted someone else to film him talking so maybe it wouldn't be awkward. Which he shouldn't even be feeling since he's used to having cameras on him considering his career and whatnot.

"Zitao hurry up the sun is going down and I don't want to use the indoor lights." Yifan scolds as the time kept going by and the sun got lower. Zitao shoots a glare in his direction and finally, finally sets the camera down on the tripod. "Don't get snappy with me before I leave you to film yourself. I'm just trying to make it look good." Yifan rolls his eyes at the sass and fixes his shirt, a light brown button up that he had borrowed from his husbands’ closet in an attempt to look casual but still a little classy.

He was only going to be filming half his body today so he could care less about what the bottom half of himself looked like. So he decided to wear grey sweatpants and was barefooted as he checked his hair once more before giving Zitao a thumbs up as the OK to start recording.

Zitao sticks his cue cards on the huge bulletin board beside him, checking to make sure he could see it because even though Yifan was doing a more casual video, he didn't want to blunder and look like a fool, even if he did edit those parts out. Once the red light was on Yifan sat up straighter and pulled his facial expression into a kind smile. Later he'll want to kill Zitao for not telling him that he looks like an awkward turtle.

"Hey guys wassup this is Kris or A.K.A galaxy_fanfan. Today I have an announcement to make!" He grins up at the camera with that big gummy smile he knows makes all the ladies hearts melt and winks. "After reading your very amusing comments and requests I decided to start making vlogs showing you guys what life is really like behind the scenes, since it was the number one highly requested video. Sadly, this one is going to be just me for now since Yixing is at work, but!!! I promise you, once things are more settled you’ll be seeing us together weekly every Sunday!”

Yixing was in high demand ever since Zitao had filmed him and Yifan singing to Jay Chou’s Rainbow. Yifan makes a mental note to update their white board filled with his and Yixing’s schedule so he could squeeze in filming something as a treat to his subscribers as he motions with his hands for Zitao to change the cue cards.

“I’m sorry this video is short but I'm still trying to figure out what I'll film and I didn't want to leave you guys hangin’ with nothing this week, so leave your comments and suggestions down below letting me know what you guys wanna see.” He gestures downward with his thumbs and imitates clicking the screen as Zitao tries to not die behind the camera at seeing his cousin be so awkward.

“Stay tuned and don't forget to subscribe and click that like button if you like what you see." Yifan winks at the camera with a two thumbs up and five seconds later he and Zitao ends up cracking up with laughter at the embarrassment. Yifan brings his hands to his flaming cheeks as Zitao cuts the filming.

"How was I? Not awkward right?" Yifan questions as he fights off the burning in his cheeks and hops off his chair. He makes his way to check the footage, praying that it was okay as he looked outside because the sun was seriously disappearing and he really wanted it to have a natural feel to it like most of the videos he had spent watching did.

"I think it was fine for a one take." Zitao says as he rewinds the footage and replaying it for Yifan to monitor. They both watch it with laughter at the end as his greasy wink and awkward blinking stayed onscreen. So not his style.

Yifan calls for another take to try and not be so awkward because it’s been awhile since he just had to sit and talk to the camera. An hour goes by and the sun has gone as they finally finish filming before deeming it okay enough because Zitao had to go pick up his boyfriend from his evening class.

After bidding goodbye and thanking to his cousin for helping him again Yifan brings his camera and laptop outside to the living room to wait for his husband’s arrival from work. Yixing usually gets home at 8 or 9 and it was currently 7:08 PM. He had about an hour or two to kill spent on editing before he would get started on cooking for the two of them. Yixing was the better cook in their relationship but Yifan wasn't so bad, at least he didn't almost burn the kitchen like Chanyeol's boyfriend Jongdae did. That my friends is a story for another time.

He sets an alarm on his galaxy s5 for an hour to remind him since he tends to get so absorbed in editing his footage that he loses track of time. Making himself comfy on the couch with his legs stretched out and laptop in his lap, he opens up iMovie and goes through Yixing’s playlists on 8tracks, looking for something nice and soothing before getting to work on editing his video.

It takes him only fifty minutes to get the video just the way he wants it. The video is shorter than all his other ones and there wasn’t as much parts of him looking off into the distance like usual, because he forgot what to say, or messing up on pronouncing brand names. It was a quick and simple video and hopefully as time goes on he’ll get to be fancier. He can’t wait to post videos of him and Yixing, it’ll be a great memory for them. He was getting giddy just thinking about all the past times he had Yixing in his videos.

With those thought in mind he quickly gets to work so that he’ll be able to get dinner going and ready before Yixing gets home.

His alarm goes off just as he finishes posting the video and waiting for it to process. He gets up from the couch leaving it to upload as he stretches out his tired limbs, groaning as he pops his back muscles and jaw. He has half an hour left before Yixing gets home so he decides to just stay safe and make his trusty homemade mac n cheese with a fresh garden salad.

Yifan likes to keep his meals simple; simply because he was too lazy to make anything extravagant. Yixing wasn’t a picky eater and he had had his fair share of Yifan’s cooking what with them being together since college, so Yifan was grateful that Yixing loved his dishes even if it was only basic boiling, frying, or micro-waving.

Looking around the kitchen for an apron, he grins to himself when his eyes catches on the frilly checkered red piece that you would see in every shoujo anime. He had picked it up at a Japanese grocery store with Luhan when they had gone overseas. It was a gag gift meant to tease Yixing for being the cute little “wife” that was patiently waiting for her husband at home with a home cooked meal. The joke was on him though because Yixing only smirked at him and had proceeded to wear the damn thing naked the next day and well, when Yifan came home let’s just say Yifan had Yixing for dinner and dessert.

His husband may look like a harmless unicorn always prancing away in lala-land, but really underneath it was anything but soft and gentle. The fact that he looked like an angel but behaved very far from it, (especially in the bedroom) it was definitely like one of Yifan’s walking fantasies personified. That was only one of the many reasons Yifan was attracted to in his husband.

Looking at the clock Yifan snaps out of his memories he pulls the apron on and begins to gather the ingredients to make their dinner. He filled up the large pot with the right amount of water to boil the macaroni, making sure to salt the water and add oil so the macaroni pieces won’t stick together. The cheese sauce was already in powder form so all Yifan really had to do was boil the pasta, mix the cheese sauce with milk in a saucepan and Voilà! Dinner quick and easy in thirty minutes.

After mixing the macaroni and sauce together he sets out their plates on the dinner table and proceeds to making the salad. Yifan grabs the readymade salad, which he found is very convenient for quick meals and made life so much easier, scouring the fridge for the bottle of Ceaser salad dressing. He thanks whoever was the creator of readymade dishes and when he finally finds the dressing he closes the fridge door with his foot and leaves to go find the salad bowl.

The sound of keys being pressed and the door closing made him look up from his dinner preparations. He washes his hands and calls out, “Babe is that you?”

He hears a grunt of approval and some shuffling before turning off the tap and going to the entryway to greet his baby. When he gets there Yixing is taking off his shoes and has several boxes in his hand and some larger ones with gifts piled on the floor. Yixing puts his keys in the bowl and hangs his jacket on the coat rack, setting the small boxes in his hands down to put his arms around his husbands’ neck.

Yifan places his hands on his husbands waist as Yixing leans forward a bit on his tippy toes, because Yifan is a freaking giant at 187cm over Yixing’s 177cm height. His husband was a full 10cm shorter than him, with the top of Yixing’s head reaching just below his jaw. He was the perfect height to hug and cuddle according to his husband so Yixing doesn’t complain.

“What’s all this?” Yifan asks as Yixing kisses him once more before breaking away and picking up the smaller boxes.

“The bigger boxes are yours from one of your sponsors. Probably clothes they want you to wear in your next video.” Yixing gestures to the two larger boxes with the fancy wrapping paper and then to the array of smaller box.

“The rest is fan mail. I had to get the receptionist at the front to help me bring them all up.” Yixing says as he picks up a medium sized box as Yifan pushes them aside for now and starts walking back inside the apartment.

“Well we can look at them later okay? I made us dinner.” Yifan smiled wide and proudly as his husband looked up from opening the box in his hand.

“Is that why I smell cheese? Baekhyun was teasing me all day with his stupid cheeseballs and wouldn’t take me to go buy any. I love those things.” Yixing frowns when he thinks back to when Baekhyun had brought out his famous snack and had refused to give Yixing any, only because Yifan had denied starring in his smack cam video. After telling Yifan the reason Yifan really wants to kick Baekhyun because the boy was known to tease and prank his way too trusting husband, and yeah that stupid video would’ve ruined his face by giving him a bruise so no thanks. It was Baekhyun’s life mission to ruin his image or something.

“Don’t worry Xingxing I put a lot of cheese just the way you like it, I promise.” Yifan pulls his husband closer to him by putting an arm around his shoulder and starts leading him towards their dining room/kitchen. Successfully putting that dimpled smile onto his husbands’ face Yifan pecked his cheek and pulled out his husband’s chair for him before sitting down on his own.

Yixing finishes opening the box as Yifan brings him a bowl of mac-n-cheese and Yixing gasps as he pulls out a beautiful glass figurine of a horse carousel

“Look FanFan, Joonmyun sent me a gift.”

Joonmyun is both their close friend who is a well-known solo singer at Yixing’s company. It also just so happens that Yixing and Joonmyun has dated once upon a blue moon before Yifan. Just recently Joonmyun had signed with Exo Inc. as a singer, so Yixing had written and composed a song for him as request from the company and Joonmyun himself. If Yifan wasn’t married to Yixing he’d be worried. But he knew that the past was the past and they had ended it because they worked better as friends instead of lovers. Right now Joonmyun was in promoting in Japan and every now and then he’d send Yixing small but hella expensive gifts to show his gratitude.

“And look there’s a card.” Yifan plucks it from the box and reads it out loud.

“To my dearest angel Yixing, thank you for composing such a nice song for my album. I seen this in a trinket store and thought of you and your love for music boxes, enjoy. Sincerely, Joonmyun.”

Yifan reads the card and raises a brow at the sweet tone in the note; Joonmyun and his classy ass ways.

“Why are you so spoiled by everybody?” Yifan asks jokingly as he takes the music box, putting it aside so they could eat their dinner before it gets cold.

“Maybe because I’m cute.” Yixing answers without fail as a devilishly cute smile play on his lips.

“Yes you are my dearest husband. Yes you are.”

Yifan reaches across the table and pinches Yixing on the nose only to grin when Yixing smacks his hand away and scrunch up his nose in the cutest way. Anything Yixing does is cute in Yifan’s eyes. Just don’t tell Yixing or he’ll go off about how he’s not cute and how he should be handsome. It’s like when you call Luhan pretty and he goes off about being a manly man. Yixing smiles at him and Yifan feels as if everything is right in the world.

Making Yixing smile and spoiling him were at the very top of his list of things he must fulfill in this lifetime.

After dinner Yixing wound up the music box from Joonmyun and led Yifan to the living room to cuddle on the couch. With the light tinkling sounds of the music box playing their background music Yixing guided Yifan to the couch for some much needed cuddle time. The couch was big enough to let Yifan lay down with Yixing sprawled out all over him. Legs in between Yifan’s thighs and his head resting against Yifan’s chest.

“What’d you do today?” Yixing asks as he props his chin up on Yifan’s chest to stare straight into Yifan’s eyes. Yifan could feel the start of a blush work its way up to his cheeks as he stared back. Yixing had this weird ass thing of staring him straight in the eye whenever they were in close proximity and it without fail made Yifan feel as if Yixing was staring straight down into the depths of his soul.

Even when they started dating up until their today, he could never get used to Yixing’s full attention. It made his palm sweat and his heart beat quicken at the love and adoration he seen reflected through his husbands’ eye. Even now with Yixing snug atop of him, feeling his heart beat along with his; it made his heart feel full of love and his stomach flutter with butterflies just by the ethereal beauty exuding from his husband. Yifan pecks his husband on the forehead and pulled him into a tight bone crushing hug, burying his head into Yixing’s hair inhaling the familiar scent of Yixing’s favorite citrus shampoo.

His heart felt ready to burst with all the overwhelming feelings coursing through him. And all Yixing had to do was stare at him.

Realizing that his husband was still waiting for an answer Yifan brushes the stray hairs away from Yixing’s face and nods towards the studio.

“I got some filming done for my channel done and I did that VLOG thing I was telling you about. I had to reign in Tao to help me film.”

“Wow he actually helped you without wanting anything in return?” Yixing wonders aloud because Zitao was infamous in asking his Yifan gege for anything and everything under the moon. Yifan rolls his eyes and continues to trace random patterns into Yixing’s supple thighs before replying.

“I had to promise him I’d advertise his site and channel in my first couple vlogs and star in another video. And oh my god Babe you thought I was bad at taking the right angles? You should see Zitao!” Yifan exclaims excitedly as he thought back to that evening when Zitao was fiddling with the camera.

“We almost had to use the umbrella lights to film because he spent almost half an hour trying to get ‘the right angle Ge.’”

Yixing adjusts himself so that he could rest his head in between the junction where Yifan’s neck met his shoulder, releasing a sigh of contentment because Yifan always smelt like musky vanilla and jasmine mixed together. Yixing didn’t know what brand it was but he thanked the creators for making his husband smell so heavenly. Yixing only begins to pay attention to what his husband is saying when he hears him chuckling and staring right at him

“Were you listening Xingxing?”

Yifan asks only for Yixing to yawn drowsily in response as he nods his head. Yifan’s husky voice in his ear and his alluring scent was lulling him to sleep. Yifan chuckles at his husband’s natural cuteness and nudges Yixing with his thigh, earning him a whine of protest and a weak slap to his chest.

“Stop moving and let me sleep, I’m tired.” Yixing grumbled as Yifan continued to poke him with his fingers. Yixing cursed and took the opportunity to chomp on his neck successfully stopping poke attacks from Yifan and making him cry out in pain.

“Yixing! That hurt!” He whined. A sleepy Yixing is a dangerous Yixing.

“I warned you.”

“Fine, let’s go to bed baby.” Yifan whispers into Yixing’s ear as he moves to stand but Yixing whines and clings onto him tighter, much like a panda bear finding its favorite bamboo stick and refusing to let go.

“I don’t want to move.” Yixing whines as he makes to get up. His eyes could barely stay open and he really was comfortable laying there with Yifan. All Yixing got as a warning before suddenly getting hoisted upwards, was Yifan grabbing him by his ass and standing up with him in his arms. Instinctively Yixing wrapped his legs around Yifan’s waist and clutched onto his neck for dear life lest his husband drop him.

“You don’t even have to move, I got you.” Yifan murmured softly into his ear as he carries his husband to their bedroom. Yixing couldn’t help but wonder where on earth he managed to marry such a loving husband like Yifan. Yixing sighs in contentment and allows his husband to take them to bed.

Very much later on that morning Yixing wakes up to the beautiful sight of his husband sleeping soundly next to him, basked in the morning light and very much naked from last night’s activities. The black silk sheets were slung haphazardly across his waist only giving Yixing the view of a much toned chest and long legs. Yifan looked like a Hugo boss model and all he was doing was sleeping. Yixing decides to take a few pictures because Yifan was just too damn handsome but he was going to be late if he didn’t get up and get ready now.

If Yixing had woken up earlier and if he had checked his Instagram that morning he would have seen Yifan’s Instagram post of his sleeping face and Yifan kissing his cheek with the caption:

Who needs the stars when I have one lying next to me? #mygalaxy

A/N: This was supposed to be a drabble believe it or not lmfao. Please forgive me for any wrong grammar or punctuation. It's been awhile since I've written anything and I'm nervous T^T Thank you for reading ♥

Tags: genre: domestic!au, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: one-shot, pairing: kris/yixing, rating: g, series: life as galaxy_fanfan
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